About the Fairy Tale Storytelling Creation Tool

This tool is based on my Serenity Storytelling Method (outlined in my book Dreamweaver's Guide: How to craft enchanting sleep stories and calming narratives). The idea is that you can click 'New Story' at the bottom of the screen and the screen will refresh giving you the outline of content you can use to create your next story, and every time you click 'New Story' you get completely different results to craft your story around. What I would advise is to copy and paste the results to a word-processing document which you can use to then either ad-lib your oral story around the ideas, or write a script, expanding the various ideas. This tool fits with my Serenity Storytelling Structure and is what I use to create pretty much all of my sleep stories to help me to keep generating fresh new ideas for stories that I never would have thought about before. If you are crafting sleep story scripts, a script of about 6,800 words in length translates to a sleep story which is about an hour long.

Fairy Tale Storytelling Tool (Free to Use)


So, just take a moment to allow your eyes to close. And with your eyes closed, I don't know whether you will drift asleep faster to the sound of my voice or the spaces between my words, and as you fall asleep, I will tell a sleep story in the background.


Gentle introduction (introduce setting, main character(s))

•     •     •     •     •  

•     •     •     •     •  

Slow build-up (Introduce a gentle conflict or challenge for the character(s) to overcome)



They set off looking for

Exploration and discovery (As the character(s) work to resolve the conflict or challenge, they explore new places, meet interesting characters, or learn new things)

•     •     •     •     •  

•     •     •     •     •